Behind the Wheel
Behind The Wheel (BTW) Training

Behind the Wheel (BTW) is the most important part of driver's education. We focus on giving you confidence, helping you pass the MN road test, and most importantly - preparing you for a lifetime of safe driving.

Our Behind The Wheel program consists of 3 two-hour sessions. We hire reliable and patient instructors trained to work with drivers of all skill levels. We only select cars that have the highest safety rating, front and side impact air bags, ABS brakes, and traction control.

Online Scheduling

We are pleased to offer online BTW scheduling so you have convenient 24/7 access to add, cancel or edit your lessons. Currently enrolled BTW students can log in and review scheduling instructions on the right side of this page.

Students who complete classroom instruction with Elite Driving School will receive a link to online scheduling after finishing their 10 classes and receiving their blue card. New BTW only students must first register for lessons and receive a confirmation email to access online scheduling.

BTW Policies

• Keep in mind we are generally 3-4 weeks out in scheduling.

• We ask for 24 hours notice on any BTW changes and require that the student has their permit in immediate possession. If they have lost their permit you can renew it at any DMV and the valid unexpired yellow copy can be used for the lesson. The yellow copy is invalid once the hard copy has arrived. If there is no permit available or the student is unavailable for any BTW scheduled there is a $45 fee.

Parent Resources for BTW Training

• The more practice driving that is done before and between the BTW lessons, the more advanced the lessons can become for the student.

• Training your student to drive can be a stressful event. Take is slow and start with short successful trainings.

• Winter driving is scary but we MUST train for winter driving. Many parents want to wait to start BTW training in the spring and they miss out on valuable learning opportunities. It is unlikely that after students are licensed they will want to do any more training with their parents.

• Nighttime driving is also a must. The state requires 30 hours of training with parents and 10 of those hours must be at night. You may want to check with your insurance company about discounts for documented training.

• Practice parking in your own car. Your student will get good at parking the driver's education vehicle, but you will need to help them transfer that knowledge into the vehicle they are taking to the road test.

• Here are the dimensions for the parallel parking and 90 degree backing: For parallel parking, the cones are set up 25' apart and 7' away from the curb (one cone in front of the car and two behind). For 90 degree backing, it is basically the same as backing into a 10' wide parking space. Use two cones on the outer edges of the lines at the very end of the space and the third cone about 4 feet from the cone on the left as you back in to the space.

• This is a good time to take inventory of your own driving habits to make sure you are leading by example. Your child will spend many more hours driving with you than they will with us, and subconsciously they are learning from you every time you get in the car together. Some of the most important steps you can take to teach your student good driving skills are: Avoid talking/texting while driving, control your anger, keep a safe following distance, and always wear your seat belt.

Extra "Do's and Don't's" for Parents

• Do not wait until just before the road test to schedule the BTW sessions. The instruction should be spread out over months for optimal effect.

• Do drive during the winter. This is probably the last opportunity you will have to train them for Minnesota weather. Those that skip this once in a lifetime opportunity usually end up having their students learn on their own - often unsuccessfully. Do feel free to call with any questions.

• Do drive more than the minimum 30 hour requirement. The more the better.

• Do drive in a variety of situations, roads and conditions. Many parents get in a habit of having their student drive the same route every time and get mislead regarding the level of the students ability.

• Do practice the parking in your car. There are many places the cones are set up for families to practice. Parking is not hard unless you do not practice.

• Do use Elite Driving School as a resource. We are here for parents and students. The rules of the road change all of the time. If you have any questions we can answer them.

Parental Resources:

• Road Map for parents: TEENS BEHIND THE WHEEL This is a great PDF with lots of useful information. It even includes a form to fill out to keep track of the BTW training.

• Teen Drivers: Tips for parents: PARENTS TIPS This site has useful links including the "teen contract".

After Your Student Passes the Road Test

Please be aware that your student will initially be on a provisional license, and will not be able to apply for a full license until they have a provisional license for 12 months and are 18 years old with no accidents or violations on their record. Be sure to follow these new Minnesota laws that place restrictions on drivers with provisional licenses:

• No driving between 12am and 5am.

• Only 1 passenger (who is not immediate family) for the first 6 months of driving and only 3 passengers for the next 6 months (who are not immediate family).

• No cell phone use of any kind while driving.

• Drinking and driving related violations can lead to license revocation via Vanessa's law and having to repeat drivers education again when they turn 18 or whenever the courts allow them to be relicensed.

Most teens feel like once they are licensed they are good drivers, but the learning is just beginning. We are your driving school for a lifetime, not just while your child is enrolled in our program, so please contact us ANYTIME with question!


  • -Kathleen, Minneapolis

    "At the end of each lesson we received a thorough written assessment of our son's driving performance and were given complete instructions on what to work on with him before the next lesson. My son gained confidence and developed a real sense of the awareness and skill that a mature, defensive driver should have. I believe we made an excellent choice with Elite Driving School. I cannot imagine how things could have run smoother, or how this could have been a more positive experience."

  • -Nick, Edina

    The class was fun and I learned stuff I never would have thought of. It made me look at the road differently.

  • -Camille, Minneapolis

    The teacher made this class class as fun as 3 hours of drivers ed can be.